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※Registration is closed.

[Team composition] 2-5 university students (affiliated universities do not have to be the same)

★ For other requirements, please see What is PQJ2020?


If the team members have not been decided yet, please write only the name of the team representative and apply. You can add or change team members by email later.

If the team representative registers using this form, all registration is complete.

Please feel free to apply as you may have multiple applications from one university.

We sincerely look forward to your participation. Feel free to send any registration questions to

★You can join PQJ2020 as an observer, who can not participate in quiz sessions, but can watch them through Youtube Live.

We are going to accept applications for observers until 23:59 in March 6th(GMT+9:00).

Please consider it.Application from here↓



【チーム構成】2-5人の大学生 (所属大学は同一でなくてよい)

 ★その他の要項に関しては、What is PQJ2020? をご覧ください




登録に関する質問はお気軽に へお送りください。

★PQJ2020には、オブザーバーという参加方法もございます。オブザーバーはクイズには出場できませんが、Youtube Liveを通して大会を観戦することができます。PQJ2020へのオブザーバー参加申込は3月6日23:59(GMT+9:00)まで受け付けていますので、興味のある方はぜひ。

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